Family Therapy


Family Therapy

Families sometimes have challenges when it comes to understanding each other and dealing with conflicting issues. If you’re looking for answers that can help keep your family unit healthy and strong, reach out to Emily Velez, LCSW, MCAP, Sharron Frederick, LCSW, and Allyson Cussen, LCSW, and the team at Clarity Health Solutions in Jupiter, Florida. The mental health experts offer family therapy, providing effective results. Call the office today to book an appointment, or use the online scheduler for convenience. The practice offers telehealth as an option, as well.

What is family therapy?

Family therapy, also known as family counseling or family systems therapy, is a specialized form of psychotherapy that focuses on improving the dynamics and interactions within a family unit. It recognizes that an individual's well-being is deeply intertwined with the dynamics, relationships, and communication patterns. 

Family therapy aims to foster healthier relationships, enhance communication, and address conflicts and issues within the family system.

Who is family therapy for?

Family therapy is for anyone who is part of a family system, whether you’re a parent, child, sibling, or even an extended family member. It's particularly beneficial when family members are facing challenges that affect the entire family dynamic.

At Clarity Health Solutions, the team works closely with children and teens and collaborates with families to improve communication and resolve conflicts. Whether addressing the behavioral problems of a child or the unique needs of a teenager, family therapy plays a vital role in creating a more harmonious and supportive family environment. 

The Clarity Health Solutions team can also assist estranged family members in reuniting and rebuilding fractured relationships.

How does family therapy work?

Family therapy operates on the principle that issues within the family are interconnected and can’t be addressed effectively by focusing solely on one individual. Instead, it takes a systemic approach, considering how each family member contributes and is impacted by the family's overall functioning. 

The therapy process often includes the following elements:


Your provider identifies the specific concerns, issues, and goals for therapy. This stage helps the therapist understand your family's unique dynamics.

Identification of patterns

The therapist helps your family recognize recurring patterns of behavior, communication, and interaction that may be contributing to the identified issues.


Through various therapeutic techniques, your family works together to address and change unhealthy patterns and develop more effective communication and problem-solving skills.

Homework and practice

Between sessions, family members may be given assignments or exercises to practice new skills and behaviors at home.


Over time, family therapy helps create healthier family dynamics and improved relationships. The goal is to foster understanding, empathy, and mutual support.

If your family is facing challenges, family therapy at Clarity Health Solutions can be a transformative and healing process for you and your loved ones. Call the office or request an appointment online today.