About Clarity Health Solutions

Behavioral Health, Psychotherapy & Psychiatry located in Jupiter, FL


Clarity Health Solutions in Jupiter, Florida, is a beacon of professional mental health care for patients aged four and older. The expert team of providers at the esteemed establishment stands out for its dedication to client well-being.

With their eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) certifications, the team at Clarity Health Solutions showcases their commitment to cutting-edge therapy methods and offers the highest level of care. Their therapeutic treatments include the highly effective Gottman Method, DBT/CBT, ACT, etc. and patients can rely on the team’s remarkable responsiveness to inquiries.

What sets them apart is their strong sense of community, as they actively give back to society. They excel in the crucial domain of relapse prevention and dual diagnosis, serving clients at treatment centers countywide. They understand the intricate process of maintaining sobriety and addressing substance misuse issues in every phase of recovery.

Clarity Health Solutions has a broad scope of expertise, encompassing the treatment of anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorders, and trauma. Their proficiency extends to couples therapy, family therapy, psychotherapy, life/health coaching and even hypnotherapy for those seeking alternative avenues to healing. In addition, they offer intensive treatment options to suit individual needs. Clarity Health Solutions also accepts Workers Comp clients!

To access their services, reach out for a consultation or request an appointment online. For those preferring remote care, telehealth options are readily available.