Emily Velez, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist in Jupiter, FL


Emily is a seasoned Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and also Masters-Level Certified Addiction Professional (MCAP).  

She has worked with adolescents and their families in both residential and outpatient treatment settings. She understands that the younger years of a person’s life are an important time to help develop social and emotional intelligence that will allow them to live a healthy adult life. She also believes that incorporating family members in therapy is crucial and that outcomes are improved by family participation.

Emily has a great way of connecting with her clients that allows them to feel safe and heard. She utilizes play therapy techniques, motivational interviewing, and a family systems approach.



“My son met Emily for the first time today and had a great experience. He felt comfortable talking to her and that's a big deal for us. I gave Emily a high rating because I felt that she was genuine, attentive and a great listener. Overall a great experience.”


“Emily is great. My daughter really looks forward to seeing her and gets alot out of their visits. Emily is so accessible and did a great job at making my daughter feel comfortable and safe”


“Emily quickly developed a trusted relationship with my daughter and has been instrumental in helping us dig into issues and come up with solutions. Our daughter is excited to visit with her and have a safe space two talk about her feelings and concerns.”


“Emily is wonderful. She is a comfortable person to be around. There was little awkwardness and she made good suggestions. She is flexible and encouraging. There has already been improvement. We are so grateful we found her”


“I am so grateful to have found Emily recently! She came highly recommended and can see why.. Ive received nothing but kindness since I stepped through the front door. I feel at ease with the work she is doing & look forward to seeing the results later on.”