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Project Description

Co-parenting is an important skillset for families who have decided to separate, divorce or even to blend. It is important for the children to have as much stability as possible while the family is in transition.

Biggest tips:

1.) Never put the children in the middle. Making them choose sides is confusing and they are less likely to choose your side if you make them choose.
2.) Never bad mouth about the other parent. That child will begin to feel responsible for your pain. They will assume to themselves, “Mom hates Dad and I am the only reason they still talk. It’s my fault that Mom is miserable. They would be better off without me”. The child learns to be anxious and depressed.
3.) Never fight about the child in front of the child. The result will be the same as in the previous example.
4.) When you are ready to date, be selective about who you introduce to the children. Let them see what a healthy relationship looks like. The only way you can do this is by having enough date nights with the same person for you to determine if they are capable of a healthy relationship.
That ended up being a rant, clearly these are important guidelines.


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