Manipulators & Character Disorders- June 14, 2018

Manipulators & Character Disorders- June 14, 2018 2018-05-23T13:48:10+00:00

Gain practical tips to successfully work with manipulators!

Manipulators are among a more troublesome group of disturbed and disordered characters that helping professionals increasingly find themselves dealing with, whether or not those clients have been primarily diagnosed with a personality disorder. Like the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing, manipulators know how to get the better of others and look good while doing it. Dealing with them can be a lot like getting whiplash, you fully realize what’s transpired only after the damage is already done. Most clinicians know that traditional insight-oriented approaches designed to treat “neurosis” aren’t very effective when it comes to intervening with the character-impaired. Join one of the foremost authorities on manipulative personalities, Dr. George Simon, as he shares a unique perspective along with practical, effective strategies that promote positive change in clients of troubled character.


1- Develop new treatment strategies for helping clients understand and manage manipulators
2- Summarize key differences between “neurotic” and character-impaired personalities as they relate to clinical treatment
3- Articulate the primary power tactics manipulators use to control others while avoiding responsibility for their behavior
4- Determine how to effectively confront manipulation tactics during treatment sessions
5- Demonstrate practical strategies for promoting genuine change even in the most difficult and irresponsible clients
6- Teach clients empowerment tools to overcome emotional manipulation.

Target Audience:

Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors, Mental Health Nurses

This is a PESI prepared session. It will be broadcasted live in our office at a discounted rate. This is an excellent way to have a group study, network and to SAVE on CEUs. Lunch will be provided.

Thursday June 14 , 2018
8:00 am – 4:00 pm
11:50 am – 1:00 pm lunch break (Meal included)

Only $99 Including  CEUs and Lunch.


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