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Life Coaching after Therapy

Many of our clients initially come in for psychotherapy. As their symptoms improve they want to continue with their therapist, but therapy is sometimes no longer needed. They have developed the skills and stability needed to venture into the next step in their journey, but it doesn’t fit into the spectrum of therapy.

There is often a need for a shift from Therapy to Life Coaching in private practice. Instead of starting from scratch with another professional, we can help you to make that transition. We believe your growth needs to be maintained, otherwise we fall back into our previous patterns. It makes sense that the same people that helped you get this far, can also help you with the next chapter. The professional would have a stronger awareness to potential opportunities and lurking self-sabotaging behaviors.

Life Coach Ready

If you are still reading, then by this point, you are feeling strong and ready for the next step in your journey. You have learned to manage your emotional stress. You are ready for the next challenge. You want to see what you are capable of now that you have these new super skills. You know it is time to grow and you are seeking guidance to build you up and empower you. Essentially, to foster your authentic self.

The Next Step…

It’s time to make an appointment to complete a Life Coaching Intake Questionnaire. This will act as a summary of your short and long-term goals. It will help you be introspective of your strengths and weaknesses. It will also provide a snapshot into what you want for your future. You and your coach will brainstorm about your future and create attainable goals. This part is fun as you learn how to alter your mindset for success. There is an evolution of thinking that feels exciting, empowering and makes you crave more success.

While you’re testing out new ways of thinking, we will continue to apply the knowledge you learned during therapy to help solidify those strengths. You get to take this amazing trip with someone who has supported you along the way and will continue to support you. Your success becomes our reward too.


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